Hide Your Bed To Save Space With Spaceman!

Have you ever found yourself having not enough space in your room? Maybe it’s because you have a lot of things in your room. Or maybe, the room is just too small.
Whatever the case may be, you can save space in a really cool way with these Hidden beds by Spaceman!
The hidden beds are wall beds designed to combine with other functions such as shelves, sofas, TVs and desks to maximize the use of space by completely hiding your bed when it’s not in use.


The hidden beds come in a variety of designs, some of them including LED lights and remote control!



Not feeling like hiding your bed on the wall? Propel it to the ceiling!


Don’t worry, the propel system has a child safety lock, just in case those little ones decide to fool around.

Spaceman hidden beds caters their bed hiding to your liking.

If you want a Spaceman hidden bed, they are available on their product page starting at $2632 for the Simple Boxed Wall.

Check out the beds in action below:

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Spaceman Simple Boxed Wall Bed