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The Hotel Artists Makeover Every Year

Buy $1250 Wall-Mounted Cat Drinking Fountain

Made almost entirely of wood, this drinking fountain looks like the real thing, expect this one is for cats! It doesn't require button pushing as the water pump continuously circulates the water from the reservoir to the water fountain nozzle. The whole unit is sealed with food safe epoxy, making every inch of it is waterproof.
buy • $1250

10 Things That Solve Inexistent Problems. I Can't Believe #3 Is Something You Can Actually Buy.

Here at Drool'd, we decided to put our web searching powers for the betterment of the world– by compiling a list of things that solve problems that (more or less) don't really exist. We hope you have as much fun reading it as we did putting it together.

The Hotel That Will Have You Believing You're In The Sound Of Music

Worthy of a cameo in 'The Sound Of Music', pack your bags (don't forget a Maria costume) and head over to the Honegg, a hotel located at 914 metres above sea level in the heart of Switzerland. Since 1905, the Honegg has provided deluxe spa, beautiful pools (indoors and outdoors) for its guests and of course, lovely rooms and suites that all face an impeccably gorgeous view. This Hotel is definitely on our Drool'd wish list.
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12 Unique Glasses To Make Your Next Drinking Session Awesome. #7 Will Guarantee You Never Run Out.

As summer draws to an end, gather your friends and have yourself a drinking party like no other with this list of awesome glasses. Keep yourself refreshed (amongst other things) as you try a drink from each of these unique glasses. Cheers!

Buy $85+ A Desk Toy That Can Levitate Minuscule Objects With Sound

Though it's no hoverboard, this ultrasonic levitation machine is as cool as it sounds. It will defy gravity and let you watch minuscule things float around for hours.. meaning that it's the perfect desktop toy. Look really smart as you regurgitate fancy words from the owners manual like "high power acoustic radiation" and "ultrasonic signal's node" to impress your snobby co-workers. And if anyone asks a question you don't have the answer memorized for, just say "because, science".

buy • $85+

Buy $550 The Collapsible Hot Tub You Can Bring On Your Camping Trip

After spending a long day hiking, rock climbing or other stuff you do out in the wilderness (we wouldn't know, we run a website), the last thing you're going to want to do is swim in a freezing lake– who would want to do that? So the peeps at Nomad decided to give those who like to explore something to unwind with: a portable hot tub. It fills in under 10 minutes with a water pump (Honda WX10 is suggested on their site) and can be heated with propane, natural gas or fire wood. So go ahead, get to exploring the wild; with a hot tub at the camp site, it'll be a little less daunting to stay out in the woods.
buy • $550

Buy $19.99 The Soft Pretzel Factory

Toss that waffle maker out the window; why make waffles when you can make pretzels? The Soft Pretzel Factory by Nostalgia Electrics can make 2 large pretzels or 6 smaller ones in only 3 minutes! You can't even listen to Celine Dion's "Power of Love" in that amount of time, but you can have freshly baked pretzels!
buy • $19.99

Buy $9.29 The Chemical-Free Fire Log That Can Be Lit With One Match

The Light n' Go Bonfire Log uses no chemicals to stay lit for over an hour and a half, just its patent-pending design and some dried white birch is good enough. It's perfect to take camping or for the fireplace at home, because what makes it so great is that it's instant and easy.
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buy • $9.29

Buy $199 The Solar Powered Fridge That Will Run All Day, Charge Your Phone And Collapse Into A Briefcase

For campers, soccer moms, hunters and medical transportation, this portable fridge-freezer and warmer is the bee's knees. It can be charged by a standard outlet, a car charger or by simply leaving it outside – it's solar-powered! The solar panels will charge all day, then it runs on battery all night. Its insulated metal walls are lightweight, weather resistant and can collapse flat like a briefcase. As if it couldn't get any cooler, the Anywhere Fridge also comes with charging ports to re-fuel your phone or laptop.
buy • $199

A Gorgeous Hotel Perched On A Cliff, 600 Feet Above Sea Level

The beautiful hotel Hacienda Na Xamena is located near the coast of Eastern Spain, in Ibiza– a.k.a "The Billionaire Island Playground"– and it is one gorgeous place. It's only 20 minutes away from Ibiza's nightlife, though complete with a view of the coastal frontline and in the heart of a preserved natural park. We have no idea why you'd ever want to leave.

And if a room with a deluxe spa and a view from 180m over sea level isn’t enough, then don't settle for anything less than their "Luxury Package". Take their private jet to get there, settle in a private enclave with a private mini pool and then wind-down thanks to a meditation class in front of the sunset and a tour in their private luxury glass-bottom boat.
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