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Buy $91 Orca and Shark Shaped Sleeping Bags

Designed by Baby Bites, these Shark and Orca shaped sleeping bags are made to keep your baby warm. Made of 100% cotton, they are very soft and feature a zipper to make getting your baby in and out an easy process.

Shark available here and here.
Orca available here.
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buy • $91

Buy $29.99 Become The Robot Overlord With These Sound Effect Making Robot Slippers

Yes, you read right. These robot slippers will allow you to finally become the robot overlord you've always wanted to be. Crush away the non-believers with your noise making (VRRR-CLANK sound), rubber dot lined, über-cool slippers. Plush and warm, these "one-size fits most adult humans" slippers will be the saviour of man kind. Or the fall, depending if they fall into the wrong /hands/ feet.
buy • $29.99

Buy $TBA Dream Of Flying Away In This Bed Made From The Engine Of A Boeing 747

MotoArt is a furniture company that specializes in supplying you with all of your aircraft inspired furniture needs (Is that a thing? I'm not really sure). Anyhoos, this bed is made from a split General Electric engine nacelle that serves as a round foot and headboard for your king or California king sized mattress. It comes with built-in, programable LED light units for a certain ambiance (landing strip?) to your bedroom.

And if you're really into unusual aircraft inspired furniture, you need to check out the Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet Conference Table.
buy • $TBA

Buy $99 Nap Massaging Bed Rest

Enjoy soothing support and a relaxing massage in bed while you read, write, play games, watch TV or sleep upright. It has a built-in massager, cupholder, pockets for your glasses, magazines or books on its side and an LED light for late night reading. When folded, it lays flat; which makes it a cinch to place under the bed or in a closet. The Nap Massaging Bed Rest is designed to fit any bed and support all body shapes and sizes.

Available here.
buy • $99

Buy $79 The Smartphone Sofa That Will Charge, Play Music And Take Calls

Have you ever thought your phone could use a rest? No? Well this company invented the phone sofa anyways. They also tricked out the miniature couch so not only is it freakin' cute, but it will also charge your phone. The ottoman includes built in wireless Bluetooth speakers and a microphone so that you can play music and talk hands-free. So give it a rest.

Available HERE in black, blue and red.

buy • $79

Buy $48 The Massive Umbrella That Will Shelter You From Sun And Hectic Weather

The Sport-Brella Umbrella is a portable shelter from sun and hectic weather. It measures 8 feet wide when open and offers full cover protection, as the rugged umbrella structure includes side flaps that fold down to protect you from sideways rain and wind gusts. On sunny days, it'll protect you from the sun while keeping you cool as it offers top wind vents and side zippered windows for cross-ventilation. It also includes convenient carry bags, tether and ground stakes to secure it properly into the ground.

Available in blue, light blue and red HERE – and in XL (opens 9 feet wide) HERE.
buy • $48

Buy $661 The Most Glamorous Picnic Trolley In History

Don't let yourself be embarrassed by big, useless picnic baskets–or god forbid– a cooler (well, maybe not if it's the Coolest), and dine in style instead. This designer trolley will have all the socialites wishing they too, had the niftiest trolley out there.

Included in this high-end picnic trolley are 4 white porcelain plates and bowls, 4 wine and 2 tumbler glasses, 4 sets of cutlery, 4 linen serviettes, 3 stainless steel storage containers, a chopping/serving board, 1 stainless steel corkscrewed and of course, a stainless steel salt and pepper shaker.
buy • $661

20 Bookshelf Designs That Every Bookworm Will Drool Over. #9 Is Mind-Bending!

Here at Drool'd, we've realized we like bookshelves. Like, really like bookshelves. Here below is a list combining all the cool ones we've found from over the years of scavenging on the interwebs because we know you really, REALLY like bookshelves too. Enjoy!

Buy $14.99 Just Mix, Pour And Shake And You'll Have Made Your Own Ice Cream

The Shake 'n' Make is probably the only way you'll loose calories while eating ice cream. So get your workout gear on, do a couple reps and finish off with shaking this bad boy for 4 minutes. By the end, you'll have finished a workout– and made your very own ice-cream too.
buy • $14.99

Buy $22.50 The Instant, Personal Slush Maker

The Zoku Slush and Shake Maker is probably one of the most unique items that will change the world as we know it. Okay, so it might not be life altering but it's pretty awesome. With this drool-worthy gadget, anyone (including kids) can make their very own, frozen-to-perfection slushy or shake in under 7 minutes. Non-concentrated fruit juices, almond milk and any other healthy drink you want to slushify (is that a word?) is up for grabs.
buy • $22.50
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