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Buy $20 Save Your Cookbooks With The Apron Cooking Guide

Cooking is a messy event. From spills, to smears, and smudges, it can be hard to navigate a cookbook with sticky hands, especially for something as simple as a measurement conversion. Keep your cookbooks clean with these Apron Cooking Guides. These aprons, available in full, waist, and BBQ version, all have important cooking information, including cooking times, freezing instructions, numerical conversions, defrosting times, a cooking glossary and more! This is a perfect gift for your family chef!
buy • $20

Buy $10 These Floppy Disk Sticky Notes Are A Throwback To The 90s

Remember floppy disks? Before the age of USB, DVDs, and micro-storage methods, you had to lug these around. Add some nostalgia to your office supplies with these Floppy Disk Sticky Notes. Available in a three-pack (white, pink, and yellow), you’ll be able to record any small messages or notes!
buy • $10

Buy $180 The PancakeBot Will PRINT Your Pancakes For Breakfast, In Any Shape You Can Draw

Meet the PancakeBot, a new cooking tool that will revolutionize your breakfast routine. Invented by Miguel Valenzuela, the PancakeBot allows you to design your pancakes, upload the image on an SD card, and print your pancakes onto a heated griddle to cook! Once you have uploaded your image, select which parts of the drawings you would like outlined (these are the sections that will be printed first) and which parts your will like shaded in. Because the outline is printed first, it cooks longer, allowing it to brown and give shading and dimension to your pancakes. Become a veritable pancake artist with the PancakeBot!
buy • $180

Buy $12 Turn Your Bathtub Into A Disco With This Genius Bath Time Invention

Has your bath time gotten boring? Mix things up with the Underwater Disco Light Show! Put on your favourite tune and groove along as the lights illuminate your bath. The Underwater Disco Light Show is a unique gadget that floats in your bath. This little guy projects multicoloured light sequences onto the bottom and sides of your bathtub. The water in your bath then distorts the light, making for a truly psychedelic experience. The unit is also battery operated and 100% waterproof making it perfect for kids’ bath times too!
buy • $12

Buy $69.95 Brand Your Bread With The Selfie Toaster

This toaster lets your imprint your face on your toast. The toaster uses customized, stainless-steel inserts to brand an image to your toast. Your facial details are converted into the inserts, which you then place inside the toaster. The heating elements within brown the toast to create your image on the bread. The toaster comes with two (2) standard inserts. Once you have received your new appliance, you can upload your own images to the manufacturer’s website using the instructions enclosed in your purchase.
buy • $69.95

Kitchen Towels That Become Sushi Rolls When Rolled Up

Jenny Pokryvailo is known for her innovative and well designed household products. This particular product is a cool kitchen towel that becomes a sushi roll when folded a particular way. Pokryvailo designs her products for OTOTO who carries a number of nifty household items. These towels will come in assorted rolls, salmon, tuna, crab, and tamago. Depending on how you fold your towel, you will have an assortment of “delicious” rolls!

Buy $39.95 Perfect Companion Piece Of Furniture For The Avid Reader

This table is the perfect furniture piece for any avid reader. The mission-style design coordinates well with any interior decor scheme. The c-shape of the table, and its low-profile base, allow it to slide under most chairs, sofas, or bedsides. The rack located at the base is perfect storage for whatever reading you currently have on-the-go.
buy • $39.95

Buy $250 This Brazilian BBQ With Self-Rotating Skewers Will Have You Drooling

This barbecue kit was inspired by the creator, Blake Carson, while on a trip to Brazil. He discovered rodízio restaurants. Inspired by this style of cooking, he set about designing a kit that would allow him to turn any barbecue into a rodízio grill. This grill has a system of skewers that rotate your meat or vegetable, cooking it to perfection. This is the perfect addition to any backyard barbecue get together!
source •
buy • $250

Buy $12 This Neat Kitchen Tool Will Make Your Toast Come To Life

Get cute and creative with these pop-up toast critters. Using a piece of bread or toast, press the slice into the bread cutter. Then, take your favourite animal (choice of 3) and press the mould into the slice. By folding the part of the crust around the ears of the animal, you can make your slice pop up! A great addition to any breakfast or lunch!
buy • $12

Buy $68 This Bedding Set Will Make Your Mouth Water

Are hamburgers your favourite food? Well these will be your favourite sheets! This quilt is an extremely realistic representation of a hamburger. It is available in Queen, Full, Twin, European, and European Single sizes. The pillow cases are also double sided, giving you the option of a sesame seed bun, or two little slider hamburgers.
buy • $68
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