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Classic Cedar Log Rocking Chair
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Emoji Throw Pillows
Nice Underwear Doormat
Deluxe Lounge Style Sofa Bed
Shiny Silver Reflective Disco Hammock
Herb Keeper Mill
Golf Club Balancing Wine Bottle Holder
Porch Swing Bed
Undercover Secret Tablet Sleeve

Buy $119.95 Make Your Lazy Sunday BBQ Even Lazier With The Grill Cleaning Robot

Turn your grilling session into the ultimate laid back experience now that you don't have to do any of that pesky cleaning afterwards. The Grill Cleaning Robot is advanced enough to automatically clean your grill gates with the simple push of a button. Three electric motors and its built-in CPU control three cylindrical brushes that propel the robot across the grill to tackle even the toughest grease and charred pieces of food. The device can be set to clean for 10, 20, or 30 minutes and its rechargeable battery provides up to four hours of power after a four-hour charge.
buy • $119.95

Buy $162 Futura Drafting Desk

The Futura Station is a great desk for drafting, drawing, or crafting thanks to its table top that can be adjusted from flat up to 35 degrees. It features a large pencil drawer, 4 removable side trays for supplies and 3 slide-out drawers for additional storage. It is available in different colors and finishes, but note that the clear glass version could also be used as a light table.
buy • $162

Buy $14.43 A Stapler That Can Get To Those Hard To Reach Spots

Finally, a stapler that can go where no stapler has gone before! Unlike a standard stapler’s reach that is limited by its length, the Align Stapler can staple materials of any size and get to those hard to reach spots thanks to its detachable base. It can also be used like a regular stapler by keeping its halves attached.
buy • $14.43

Cthulhu Lamp Sculpture

Inspired by the work of American writer H. P. Lovecraft., here's an amazing tribute to Cthulhu by Karl Dupéré-Richer. At first sight, the seamless design of the Cthulhu Wall Lamp may seem to have been made ​​from only a few different elements when in reality, the most random recycled materials were put together to form this masterpiece. 14 legs and 1 backrest of PVC patio chairs, a flowerpot, an umbrella stand, bicycle tires, cans, pieces of PVC pipes, an acrylic light globe, pieces of garden hoses, and auto body parts are some of the items used in making the Cthulhu Wall Lamp.
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Buy $18 Cartoon-Inspired Bags

Make yourself look as though you've jumped straight from a comic book with these quirky cartoon-inspired handbags designed to look like 2D drawings. Confuse and stun all those who see you! Perfect as either a gift or a treat for yourself, this is not to be missed out on.
buy • $18

$14.99 Crystal Clear Putty

Have fun with this clever putty, which looks virtually invisible when you first start playing with it, but clouds up as you bounce it, stretch it, or do whatever you like with it! Entertain your kids or just amuse yourself with this fun piece of putty. You can tear it up and leave it out and it will never dry up. Therefore it's perfect for big and little kids!
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Buy $899 Crystal Pirate Ship Chandelier

Arghhh me hearties! Light up your room with a stunning chandelier that even the greediest pirate would be jealous of. Be the envy of all your family and friends as you unveil this gorgeous piece of art, decked out with crystal glass in the shape of a ship. Your lounge, kitchen, bedroom or wherever you choose to put this stunning chandelier will be looking 'ship shape' and fit for Captain Jack Sparrow himself. Perfect as a gift or a treat for yourself - this is not to be missed out on. Shiver me timbers!
buy • $899

Buy $199.95 Faux Tree Stump Fire Pit

Add a natural look to your yard with this fire pit that looks like a hollowed out tree stump. It is crafted of cast stone and fiberglass in realistic detail to resemble wood and bark, and comes with a grate, spark guard and poker. A metal insert contains the fire.
buy • $199.95

Buy $640 The Cumulus Parasol – Like A Passing Cloud On A Summer's Day

Just like a passing cloud on a hot summer's day, this cloud-shaped umbrella will automatically cool you down when the sun starts shining. Created by design studio Toer, the Cumulus Parasol inflates automatically in about 20 seconds when the solar panel at the top is exposed to direct sunlight. When inflated, this artificial cumulus has a diameter of two meters, wide enough to fully protect you from the sun.
buy • $640

Designed To Be Uncomfortable, These Items Would Make Perfect April Fools Gifts. #11 Is The Worst.

Created by Athens based architect Katerina Kamprani, The Uncomfortable is a series of awkwardly designed items making them perfectly uncomfortable but usable for the original purpose intended. They would make perfect April Fools gifts if they existed!
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