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Buy $9.29 The Chemical-Free Fire Log That Can Be Lit With One Match

The Light n' Go Bonfire Log uses no chemicals to stay lit for over an hour and a half, just its patent-pending design and some dried white birch is good enough. It's perfect to take camping or for the fireplace at home, because what makes it so great is that it's instant and easy.
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buy • $9.29

Buy $199 The Solar Powered Fridge That Will Run All Day, Charge Your Phone And Collapse Into A Briefcase

For campers, soccer moms, hunters and medical transportation, this portable fridge-freezer and warmer is the bee's knees. It can be charged by a standard outlet, a car charger or by simply leaving it outside – it's solar-powered! The solar panels will charge all day, then it runs on battery all night. Its insulated metal walls are lightweight, weather resistant and can collapse flat like a briefcase. As if it couldn't get any cooler, the Anywhere Fridge also comes with charging ports to re-fuel your phone or laptop.
buy • $199

A Gorgeous Hotel Perched On A Cliff, 600 Feet Above Sea Level

The beautiful hotel Hacienda Na Xamena is located near the coast of Eastern Spain, in Ibiza– a.k.a "The Billionaire Island Playground"– and it is one gorgeous place. It's only 20 minutes away from Ibiza's nightlife, though complete with a view of the coastal frontline and in the heart of a preserved natural park. We have no idea why you'd ever want to leave.

And if a room with a deluxe spa and a view from 180m over sea level isn’t enough, then don't settle for anything less than their "Luxury Package". Take their private jet to get there, settle in a private enclave with a private mini pool and then wind-down thanks to a meditation class in front of the sunset and a tour in their private luxury glass-bottom boat.
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Buy $35 The Underground Beach Vault To Safeguard Your Valuables

The beach vault is a spiral contraption that locks away your valuable and buries them effortlessly into the sand. By keeping them safe from thieves and water damage, the beach vault lets your worries wash away so you can concentrate on whats really important: catchin' some rays.
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buy • $35

Buy $449 The Classy Mini Refrigerator End Table

Combining elegance and convenience, Man Tables have come up with the Mini Refrigerator End Table. It’s exactly what you think it is: a bar fridge that looks like an end table. Though it's purpose is pretty obvious, it does feature one more unique element other than its exterior. It is a thermoelectric refrigerator which means it runs with less energy than traditional compressor-type units while still maintaining an inside temperature 30º Fahrenheit below the ambiant room temperature.

Buy at Amazon or at Man Tables
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buy • $449

Buy $12 The Butter Knife To Spread Cold Butter

A few Aussies joined forces to answer the age old dilemma: how to spread cold butter evenly. Together, they thought up the ButterUp!, a knife with perforated edges to grate butter so that it can easily spread, even at cold temperatures.
buy • $12

Buy $25 The Cutest Cardboard Playhouses, Because Everyone Knows Cats Like Boxes Better Than Toys

Why not give your cats the tools they desperately need to take over the world? Made from partially or fully recyclable paper and cardboard, this toy will actually help the environment as cats begin to rule it. This creative spin on the classic cardboard box answers the age old dilemma of your cats playing with the box their (very) expensive toys came in instead. Now the toy is the box!
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buy • $25

Buy $TBA The Chair That's Also A Couch, Love Seat Or Whatever You Want It To Be. And It's Made Of Paper.

Since 2005, FlexibleLove has expanded on the idea of individuality with their signature, ever-changing chair. Thanks to the unique honeycomb paper, the chair has been given multiple purposes and styles. You'll have to see it to believe it!
buy • $TBA

Buy $TBA The Couch That Doubles As A Punching Bag

Designed for all of those with intense anger management problems– just kidding– the Champ Boxing Couch is mainly made for exercise purposes, though tension release is an obvious option too.

Developed by German designer Tobias Fränzel, each of these Rocky-approved couches is made exclusively in single piece production and can be ordered here. Just picture yourself doing one of those "As Seen On TV" boxing tapes while blasting Eye Of The Tiger... Worth it.
buy • $TBA

Buy $TBA The HB Pencil Lamp

With back to school just around the corner, the HB Lamp sure is a bright idea. The cord (attached of the led part of the pencil) can be town around carelessly to mimic a sketch line. We're sure any kids, teachers or artists will love this!
buy • $TBA
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