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Buy $1828 Deluxe Lounge Style Sofa Bed

Long Horn is a lounge style sofa bed with a unique design. This versatile sleeper sofa features a hinged seat back adjustable to three positions – upright, reclined or fully folded down into a large double bed. The mattress is upholstered with extra large pocket spring for optimum comfort in all positions, and its stainless steel legs come with wheels on the back side for easy tilt-and-move mobility.
buy • $1828

Buy $97.20 Shiny Silver Reflective Disco Hammock

This is unlike any hammock you have ever seen before. The Disco Hammock is shiny, glamorous and reflects light like a disco ball. It is based on ENO's DoubleNest Hammock with the added whimsical touch of Betabrand.
buy • $97.20

Buy $29.98 Herb Keeper Mill

Ever buy fresh herbs, use half of them and throw the other half away because they wilt and turn to slim before you can use them? With the Herb Mill & Keeper you can store fresh herbs directly in your freezer and mince them on demand. Whenever needed, simply take the Herb Mill & Keeper out of the freezer and gently shake it. The ceramic ball will loosen the herbs so they fall down into the mill. And when done, just store it back into the freezer.
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buy • $29.98

Buy $26.99 Golf Club Balancing Wine Bottle Holder

Crafted from mahogany and finished with a delightful sheen, this golf club wine bottle holder defies gravity by balancing itself when a bottle is set in place. Simply insert the neck of your wine bottle and it'll stylishly present it without hindering the view of the label. A great gift to any golfing fan!
buy • $26.99

Buy $1499 Porch Swing Bed

Designed and built by GOD's Rustic Workshop in Morganton, North Carolina, the Porch Swing Bed is made of solid wood with beautiful accents and features oversize arm rests for drinks or other items. It is pictured with a queen size mattress, but can be custom made to any size. It comes with 8 inch thick futon mattress, rope supports and 4 eye bolts. A great place to sip a cup of coffee while snuggled up with a great book!
buy • $1499

Buy $17.50 Undercover Secret Tablet Sleeve

Protect your tablet from scratches and prying eyes with the Undercover Tablet Sleeve. It is designed to look like an old yellow envelope, but is actually really well built. The outer layer is made of waterproof and tearproof Tyvek and the inside features a nice red satin lining with decent amount of padding.
buy • $17.50

Buy $119.95 Make Your Lazy Sunday BBQ Even Lazier With The Grill Cleaning Robot

Turn your grilling session into the ultimate laid back experience now that you don't have to do any of that pesky cleaning afterwards. The Grill Cleaning Robot is advanced enough to automatically clean your grill gates with the simple push of a button. Three electric motors and its built-in CPU control three cylindrical brushes that propel the robot across the grill to tackle even the toughest grease and charred pieces of food. The device can be set to clean for 10, 20, or 30 minutes and its rechargeable battery provides up to four hours of power after a four-hour charge.
buy • $119.95

Buy $162 Futura Drafting Desk

The Futura Station is a great desk for drafting, drawing, or crafting thanks to its table top that can be adjusted from flat up to 35 degrees. It features a large pencil drawer, 4 removable side trays for supplies and 3 slide-out drawers for additional storage. It is available in different colors and finishes, but note that the clear glass version could also be used as a light table.
buy • $162

Buy $14.43 A Stapler That Can Get To Those Hard To Reach Spots

Finally, a stapler that can go where no stapler has gone before! Unlike a standard stapler’s reach that is limited by its length, the Align Stapler can staple materials of any size and get to those hard to reach spots thanks to its detachable base. It can also be used like a regular stapler by keeping its halves attached.
buy • $14.43
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