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Buy $38.95 Planetary Plate Set, And Once Again, Pluto Is Left Behind

Gather yourselves around the table and learn about the solar system.. or eat from it! This unworldly 8 plate set is made from melamine and has a uniform 10" diameter, so no, they aren't up to scale. If they were, you'd have a seriously tough time eating off of Mercury!

P.S. Petition for Pluto desert plates anyone?
buy • $38.95
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Buy $100 The Dancing Water Sprinkler

This vintage-esque water sprinkler will add a touch of whimsical atmosphere to any garden or outdoor space. It is powered entirely by water pressure and will sprinkle fine drops in a circular area of up to 700 sqft. Without any electricity, this sprinkler will twist and turn in an enchanting fashion.
buy • $100

Buy $15 Fill And Tie 100 Water Balloons In Less Than 60 Seconds

Destroy your enemies with abundant balloon ammo in any spontaneous water balloon fight with Bunch O Balloons. This odd looking contraption lets you fill 100 balloons in under a minute; just attach to a hose, fill and shake off. Easy for kids to use and hassle free, the Bunch O Balloons is just what you need to obliterate your competition.
buy • $15

Buy $375 The Über Giant Mega Hammock

This mega hammock is mega awesome. Handcrafted to perfection, this huge hammock spans 8' X15' (the size of a small pool) and can hold up 1000lbs of weight. Perfect for feeling like a miniature person or just chillin' with a bunch of your friends, the mega hammock comes in four different colours and can be custom made to fit specific sizes upon request.
buy • $375

Buy $550 And You Thought You Wouldn't Live To See Robots In Your Own Home

Jibo can see, hear and speak like you would expect a friendly robot to. Although it sees with two hi-res cameras that recognize and capture photos; hears with 360º microphones and understands and speaks with natural language processing. Jibo also has artificial intelligence algorithms that will learn your personal preferences to be better able to help you with day to day tasks. What could a miniature robot possibly help me with?, you might ask. Well, what about capturing pictures, taking messages, reading to your kids, ordering takeout... pretty much your average baby sitter.
buy • $550

Buy $263 The Fold Away Bar For Your Secret Stash

So you wanna show off your impressive stash of liquor to all of your friends, but you don't want your kids to steal it. This hideaway bar is perfect for the party animal in you that wants to keep the stash a secret from those pesky kids. For those that immediately want the Fold Away Bar, it's available online and in two lovely colours, either walnut or black.
buy • $263

Buy $30 An Under-Desk Foot Hammock

Whether you're siting watching a movie on your computer, or actually being productive, the Fuut Desk Foot Hammock is quite possibly the office upgrade you didn't know you needed. Simply adjust the length of the rope to raise or lower the hammock, and place yourself in a better working position or resting position. No more putting your feet on your desk!
buy • $30

Buy $17.71 Speed Chess You Don't Need A Timer For – Your Pieces Will Just Melt

Whether you like playing speed chess or not, with these silicone ice moulds, you're gonna have to. Perfect to test your game speed or to bring along on an upcoming arctic expeditions, these ice moulds are super cool. haha.

Or you could just host a chess party and serve the ice in some drinks. Whatever floats your boat chess piece.
buy • $17.71

Buy $39.99 Solving The Problem For Those Who Want To Play In The Dark; Here's The Fully Playable Rubik's Cube Lamp

For ages 8+ (we're guessing you're in the '+' range), this Rubik's cube ain't yo mama's Rubik's cube. It’s a fully playable, Rubik's cube lamp. Its rechargeable batteries will last up to 2 hours of continuous play, but it can be turned on an off to conserve energy or plugged in via USB. If your Rubik's Cube solving days are over, but you still love the contraption of doom even after all these years (for some reason), you can still keep it as a lamp and admire it from a distance.
buy • $39.99

Buy $11 Bye-Bye Bed Head

Morninghead is a cap made form a super-absorbent material that can hold up to six times its weight in water without dripping. Conceived for that dreaded bed head or hat hair, the Morninghead allows you to fix your hair without having to take another shower or create a mess.
buy • $11
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