The SCORKL Is a Portable Oxygen Container That Lets You Breathe Underwater for 10 Minutes

Have you ever wanted to go explore underwater? Sure, you could snorkel but that just lets you experience the depths of the water from the surface. Then there’s scuba diving excursions, which are just too pricy.
The SCORKL combines the portability of snorkeling equipment with the scuba diving experience in one portable oxygen container.


It’s very simple to use, just pump it up using a hand pump or from an actual scuba tank.

Then just attach to your mouth and breathe as you normally would. The SCORKL gives you up to 10 minutes underwater.

It’s recommended that non-scuba trained users should not use the SCORKL below 3m depth or more than 5 times in one day.

For scuba-trained users, it’s recommended that you not go below 10m depth.

Each SCORKL comes with the scuba tank attachment so you can refill it using a scuba tank.

Additionally, you could purchase the official SCORKL hand pump and kit to transport everything.

The SCORKL is available for purchase on Kickstarter.

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SCORKL With Refill Adapter