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Cthulhu Lamp Sculpture

Inspired by the work of American writer H. P. Lovecraft., here's an amazing tribute to Cthulhu by Karl Dupéré-Richer. At first sight, the seamless design of the Cthulhu Wall Lamp may seem to have been made ​​from only a few different elements when in reality, the most random recycled materials were put together to form this masterpiece. 14 legs and 1 backrest of PVC patio chairs, a flowerpot, an umbrella stand, bicycle tires, cans, pieces of PVC pipes, an acrylic light globe, pieces of garden hoses, and auto body parts are some of the items used in making the Cthulhu Wall Lamp.
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Buy $899 Crystal Pirate Ship Chandelier

Arghhh me hearties! Light up your room with a stunning chandelier that even the greediest pirate would be jealous of. Be the envy of all your family and friends as you unveil this gorgeous piece of art, decked out with crystal glass in the shape of a ship. Your lounge, kitchen, bedroom or wherever you choose to put this stunning chandelier will be looking 'ship shape' and fit for Captain Jack Sparrow himself. Perfect as a gift or a treat for yourself - this is not to be missed out on. Shiver me timbers!
buy • $899

Designed To Be Uncomfortable, These Items Would Make Perfect April Fools Gifts. #11 Is The Worst.

Created by Athens based architect Katerina Kamprani, The Uncomfortable is a series of awkwardly designed items making them perfectly uncomfortable but usable for the original purpose intended. They would make perfect April Fools gifts if they existed!
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Buy $185 Kaskade – Modern Table Top Fireburner

Warm up in style while it's still cold outside. Kaskade is an architectural inspired table top fireburner suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is made of steel with an epoxy finish, and has unique angles and glass panels that create that perfect statement piece.
buy • $185

Buy $210 Melted Skull Incense Burner

Designed for aesthetic appeal as well as functional purpose, Vibes Melt Down 2043 is a porcelain sculpture of a skull that appears to be melting. It is made to be used as an incense burner and meant to stimulate the mind and evoke the hallucinatory and enlightening moments of life and death.
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buy • $210

Buy $59+ Hand Grenade Oil Lamps

Made from actual US Army surplus, these hand grenade oil lamps are certainly a new approach to mood lighting. Each gets its distinct shape from the job it was designed for – fragmentation, smoke/flash, or high impact explosives – and comes glided in gold, silver or left natural.
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buy • $59+

Buy $1095+ The Guns Lamp Collection

Designed by Philippe Starck, the GUNS collection is composed of the bedside lamp ($1095), the lounge floor lamp ($3295), and the table lamp ($2245), all with bodies made of die cast aluminum with an overmolded polymer coating and the shade made of plasticized paper. Each lamp is available in either chrome finish with white shade and silver silkscreen on the inside or in shiny 18K gold finish with shade in matte black and gold silkscreen on the inside.
buy • $1095+

This Violin Pool Is Much Cooler Than It Sounds

This is by far the most spectacular and intricate pool design you'll ever see. Cipriano Landscape Design were approached by an customer with a dream: building a pool in the shape of a violin, which upon realizing its achievability, escalated into an exact replica in scale of a 1700s era Stradivarius violin with all of its details including purflings, f-holes, a bridge, strings, a tailpiece, and a chinrest. This project developed into one of the most complex pool design within industry.

Some of the most incredible features
- 2 fish filled koi-ponds
- a 12 person overflow spa (the chinrest)
- violin strings represented by 5760 strands of fiber optic lighting that can be synchronized with music
- a Riverflow jet system capable of creating a 2000 gallon/minute current that is strong enough to kayak against
- a 1,000,000 BTU heater for hot water year-round
- an underwater audio system
- nearly 500,000 translucent glass tiles designed in a unique 4 way gradient pattern
- and much much more…
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Buy $3860 Mind-Bending Furniture Made From a Single Piece of Wood by Kino Guerin

Wanting to challenge himself, Kino Guérin, a young artist from Montreal, Quebec, started making furniture with a single piece of wood – no legs, no crossbars or supports. His furniture consists of several very thin wooden panels bended and glued one over the other. Over the years, Guerin mastered the vacuum press lamination process which allowed him to push the limits of his creations. Each furniture design is a unique functional sculpture.
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buy • $3860

Buy $325 Pixelstick – A New Dimension To Long Exposure Photography

On New Year, you may have seen people using sparklers to write '2014' in mid air in a picture taken with long exposure. That's what we call light painting. It simply consists of attaching a light source to a moving medium and taking a long exposure photo. That simple concept, that was first introduced in 1889 by artist Georges Demeny, has now been brought to the next level with pixelstick.
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buy • $325
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