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Buy $68 This Bedding Set Will Make Your Mouth Water

Are hamburgers your favourite food? Well these will be your favourite sheets! This quilt is an extremely realistic representation of a hamburger. It is available in Queen, Full, Twin, European, and European Single sizes. The pillow cases are also double sided, giving you the option of a sesame seed bun, or two little slider hamburgers.
buy • $68

Buy $26.90 Make A Sassy Statement With These Cute Solar-Powered Critter Lights

Decorative gnomes won't stand a chance in your yard with these cheeky creatures! This groundhog and racoon are solar-powered lawn lights, making those silly gnomes a thing of the past. Cast in resin, these little guys have a solar-panel built-in that collects light throughout the day. Then, at night, equipped with adorable goggles, their eyes light up at the night sky. These fellows are sure to leave their mark as they illuminate your yard or lawn.

The raccoon is available for $26.90 and the gopher for $36.77.
buy • $26.90

Buy $25 Artificial Grass Table Runner

Made from artificial turf, the Grass Table Runner will add a summery twist to your dining table. It is hardy to all the outdoor elements and will not get damaged by sunlight or rain. A definite talking point at dinner parties!
buy • $25

Buy $549 JEANS LABEL Carpet

Recycling can also be a fashion sense. The JEANS LABEL carpet creatively uses the labels from all discarded denim jeans to create a carpet that is both beautiful and truly durable. Whether you're the type that's socially, fashionably, or individually-conscious, this carpet stands out for being made out of 100% recycled jeans. Coming in either two sizes, 140 x 200 cm or 160 x 240 cm, its unique patch-style design will definitely catch your eye.
buy • $549

Buy $185 Kaskade – Modern Table Top Fireburner

Warm up in style while it's still cold outside. Kaskade is an architectural inspired table top fireburner suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is made of steel with an epoxy finish, and has unique angles and glass panels that create that perfect statement piece.
buy • $185

Buy $39.95 2-in-1 Flower Vase and Candle Holder

A simple yet cleverly designed flower vase that doubles as a tea light candle holder. Made of white stoneware, the dual purpose Upside-Down vase by Sagaform will hold either 3 candlesticks on one end or an arrangement of flowers on the other.
source •
buy • $39.95

Buy $53 The Big Bloom Magnifying Vase

Give yourself a better view of Mother Nature’s wonder. If you love flowers than this magnifying vase is perfect for you. The Big Bloom helps a little blossoming beauty make a big impression. Its simple and elegant design helps you focus on any blossom you choose to display by enlarging every one of its details.
buy • $53

Buy $462.35 Handcrafted Giant Cthulhu / Octopus Stuffed Plush

This whimsical, giant, and quite heavy (4.5 kg) octopus plush is an engaging decor piece that will delight people of all ages with its softness and giant tentacles. Set it on top of a book nook, a chesterfield or a bed, or use it as a seat or as a giant floor pillow. Whatever your imagination leads you to, it will make a great element of interior design. This gigantic monster Cthulhu is colorful fun and is created to be a conversation starter in any interior room. And, you can even wear it!
buy • $462.35

Buy $590 A Modern Illuminated Floor Globe

This illuminated globe comes complete with white oceans and a chromed steel floor stand making it a beautiful modern accessory for any room in your house. Its Danish design will complement your decor and add a soft glow of light at the same time. When lit up, the white oceans darken to intensify the look of the continents. It is a new twist on an old theme, as this globe also indicates the internet country top-level domains for each region and the country calling codes, as well as the standard political boundaries and country labels.
buy • $590

Buy $65 Shower Scene Metal Art Bookends

Designed by Knob Creek Metal Arts, this set of bookends is inspired from the overused horror movie shower scene cliche, where the killer pulls out a knife on a woman in the shower. It is handmade from solid steel and finished in hammered black. It will surely add a statement to your reading collection!
buy • $65
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