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Buy $515 A Bookshelf That Lets You Count Your Books Without Having To Actually Count Them

This book shelf does much more than just hold books, it "measures" them too! By placing your books onto the ruler-shaped shelving unit, you're able to see for yourself (more or less) how many you have without counting. The Meter Wall Bookshelf also comes with small magnets which means you can measure your kids as they grow or hang up notes as well.
buy • $515

Buy $42 We See Cat Cookies In Your Future

Made with beech wood and laser engraved, these quirky rolling pins will surely be a hit with kids. They come in mosaic patterns of all types of animals (yes, they come in cats) and geometric patterns as well. On the off chance that you don’t freak out over the cat, dinosaur or puppy patterns (but seriously.. how could you not), you can always opt to personalize your own rolling pin with any custom pattern (or text!) that you will freak out over.
buy • $42

Buy $TBA Beanbags Are So Passé. Bird Nests Are Where It's At.

No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you, that is a giant birds nest! Conceived and built with the intention of blending together comfort and effortless socializing, the O*GE Giant Birdsnest can host up to 16 people at once, depending on the size of your Birdsnest. Soft, comfortable and fun, the Birdsnest is your chance to imagine yourself as a little birdie; chirping away with all of your friends. And if you're writing a book based on the perspective of birds, this one is definitely perfect for you.
buy • $TBA

Buy $9929 Lose Your Thoughts Into The Abyss... Coffee Table

Duffy London has created yet another cool product that we want desperately (if you haven't already, be sure to check out check out their sledge coffee table and snow rug here or their flying carpet coffee table here). This limited edition abyss coffee table took over a year to design, but the end result is equal part functional and mesmerizing. Handcrafted, this conversation piece will take about 8-12 weeks to arrive at your house, but be patient. Because when it does... you'll have your own personal abyss.
buy • $9929

Buy $497 Now You Don't Have To Choose Between Laying In The Grass Or In A Hammock

The Field Hammock is the hammock that blends your love for hammocks and laying in the grass with your hatred of bugs. Its water and UV-ray resistant synthetic grass fabric makes it easy to enjoy the sun and the realizing sensation of lying in grass.
buy • $497

Buy $360 Who Lit The Dogs Up

Introducing the Bronco lamp, a lamp that creatively depicts a line drawing of a sitting dog. Complete with a collar and a "leash" (the electrical cord), this unique lamp is a surefire winner with young kids and dog lovers.
buy • $360

Buy $357 Shell Stool by Jake Phipps

Designed by Jake Phipps, the shell stool mirrors the look of a spent ammunition cartridge. They are suitable for indoors or out and have the ability to join together to form a bench. Available in a bronze or silver finish.
buy • $357

Buy $2900 A Couch That Won’t Swallow Your Stuff – It’ll Store It

Why let your couch swallow your stuff when Huzi Design has created a cute and playful couch meant to store your stuff? Place anything you would typically lose inside this cool couch: books, magazines, cell phone and don’t forget that infamous remote!
buy • $2900

Buy $20 Calories Don't Count On This Spoon

Designed by For Such A Time Designs in Texas, here's a silver plated vintage style spoon hand stamped with "Calories Don't Count on this Spoon". Perfect for that sneaky person in your life who just has to take a spoonful of something sweet, but wishes that the calories wouldn't count!
buy • $20

Buy $2518 The Tree Shadow Chair

Dazzle your guests with what seems to be a chair casting an unusual tree shadow. Instead of the straight lines that would normally be formed by the shadow of a chair, the Tree Shadow Chair by Duffy London creates a tree shadow illusion thanks to the wool felt rug that is attached to it. A beautiful piece of furniture that will definitely make people look twice.
buy • $2518
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