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12 Unique Glasses To Make Your Next Drinking Session Awesome. #7 Will Guarantee You Never Run Out.

As summer draws to an end, gather your friends and have yourself a drinking party like no other with this list of awesome glasses. Keep yourself refreshed (amongst other things) as you try a drink from each of these unique glasses. Cheers!

Buy $25 A Flask With Built-in Collapsible Shot Glass

Shot Flask is the world's first drinking flask featuring a collapsible shot glass built-in. It has a capacity of 8oz and contains a hidden shot glass that can hold 2oz. Thanks to its collapsible design, the shot glass can be flattened for storage and expanded whenever needed.
buy • $25

Buy $12 Giant Shark Shaped 3D Ice Cubes

Make extra-large shark shaped ice cubes with the 3D Shark Ice Mold. Perfect for pitchers, punch bowls or extra large glasses. Also available in the collection are the 3D Crocodile and the 3D Zombie Hand.
buy • $12

Buy $18 Brew Cutlery – Bottle Opening Flatware

We've seen bottle openers built into keys, watches, remote controls, rings and even sandals – but this is a first. With Brew Cutlery, you can have one integrated into each piece of cutlery. Minimalist in design and versatile in function, each fork, knife, and spoon is crafted from high quality stainless steel and features a bottle opener seamlessly integrated into the end of the handle. Flatware with a statement!
buy • $18

16 Mason Jar Inspired Glassware For The Perfect Vintage Party

What country-themed gathering would be complete without mason jar glassware? From wine glasses to drink dispensers, these are the ultimate additions to the vintage country party.

Buy $3999 Monsieur – Your Personal Robotic Bartender

If you always dreamed of having your personal bartender at home, dream no more. Monsieur is an artificially intelligent robotic bartender that can mix up to 300 different cocktails from 8 different ingredients at the touch of a button. Using the built-in 10 inch touchscreen or your smartphone, browse the selection, choose to your fancy and Monsieur gets it ready. Over time, it will even make smart recommendations and pre-adjust your drinks based on your taste. Monsieur also monitors your drink consumption and alerts you when your blood alcohol level is high.
buy • $3999

Buy $29.99 Football-Shaped Cocktail Shaker with Kickoff Tee-Styled Stand

Upgrade your mancave with this unique football-shaped cocktail shaker. It is made from premium stainless steel and comes with a silicone kickoff tee-styled stand. A great addition to any sport fans' bar!
buy • $29.99

Buy $13.25 The Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass

Just in time for the holidays, here's a great gift for your wine-loving friends. The Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass holds a 750ml full bottle of wine, and takes standard cork or decorative bottle stopper. Finally, no more need to refill!
buy • $13.25

Buy $203 Single Bottle Shot Chiller

What’s better than shots? Cold shots! With a setting to cool your favorite liquor down to a chilly -5° F, the Shot Chiller is the coolest accompaniment you can get to go with your kegerator. With LED illumination for eye-catching bottle display, the Shot Chiller will stand like a proud beacon of cold drinks to be had in any bar or man cave.
buy • $203

Buy $14.50 Skull Beverage Funnel

Make this year's Halloween party a hit by combining drinking and skulls! The Skull Beverage Funnel is a sure party starter. Take it to your next party, and enjoy pouring your favorite beverage into the spine tube. People will be dying to try this creepy beer bong.
buy • $14.50
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