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Buy $29.98 Herb Keeper Mill

Ever buy fresh herbs, use half of them and throw the other half away because they wilt and turn to slim before you can use them? With the Herb Mill & Keeper you can store fresh herbs directly in your freezer and mince them on demand. Whenever needed, simply take the Herb Mill & Keeper out of the freezer and gently shake it. The ceramic ball will loosen the herbs so they fall down into the mill. And when done, just store it back into the freezer.
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buy • $29.98

Buy $26.99 Golf Club Balancing Wine Bottle Holder

Crafted from mahogany and finished with a delightful sheen, this golf club wine bottle holder defies gravity by balancing itself when a bottle is set in place. Simply insert the neck of your wine bottle and it'll stylishly present it without hindering the view of the label. A great gift to any golfing fan!
buy • $26.99

Buy $119.95 Make Your Lazy Sunday BBQ Even Lazier With The Grill Cleaning Robot

Turn your grilling session into the ultimate laid back experience now that you don't have to do any of that pesky cleaning afterwards. The Grill Cleaning Robot is advanced enough to automatically clean your grill gates with the simple push of a button. Three electric motors and its built-in CPU control three cylindrical brushes that propel the robot across the grill to tackle even the toughest grease and charred pieces of food. The device can be set to clean for 10, 20, or 30 minutes and its rechargeable battery provides up to four hours of power after a four-hour charge.
buy • $119.95

Buy $10.99 Ax Pizza Cutter

Cut through the thickest pizza crust with this ax-shaped pizza cutter. It features a stainless steel slicer and a wooden handle for fast chopping! A fun gift for the pizza lover.
buy • $10.99

Buy $50 Silhouette Sense-Enhancing Wine Glass

The Silhouette Wine Glass is the only true, all purpose glass in the world for drinking red wine or white wine, bold or light. Knowing that the aroma of wine is a key factor in the total enjoyment of it, this crystal wine glass was designed with a unique hand-forged notch rim that truly enhances the wine drinking experience. It is made in The Czech Republic and was featured in San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.
buy • $50

Buy $75 Yes, It IS Possible To Play Beer Pong In Style

From SCIENZ Group comes a new and more convenient way to play everyone's favorite drinking game. If you're tired of the messy set-up that beer pong involves or even the inconvenience of always having to find a suitable table, then Mini Beer Pong is for you. Not only is it quite convenient due to just being 2 feet long, but its use of ball launchers and tethered balls make the game a more enjoyable and more efficient experience. Its use of 1 ounce cups is certainly designed for responsibility, but that means that you might be tempted to use beer-substitutes as well! With 4 different types to choose from, you can customize the size, get personalized engravings, or even choose a fold-up or regular-sized version. Definitely one to consider!
buy • $75

Buy $55 Bicycle Banana Holder

Now, this is some serious innovation. Handmade from genuine leather, the banana holder by Biken is the safest and most versatile way to carry and easily access a banana. Hang it on the bike frame or your waist belt, and always have a banana ready.
buy • $55

Buy $25 A Flask With Built-in Collapsible Shot Glass

Shot Flask is the world's first drinking flask featuring a collapsible shot glass built-in. It has a capacity of 8oz and contains a hidden shot glass that can hold 2oz. Thanks to its collapsible design, the shot glass can be flattened for storage and expanded whenever needed.
buy • $25

Buy $311 A Wine Glass That Automatically Refills As You Drink

Designed by Kouichi Okamoto, glass tank is the mix of a bulb shaped vessel with a wine glass. It is cleverly designed so that as you drink, the vessel refills the glass without ever overflowing due to the air and water pressure.
buy • $311

Buy $15 Engagement Ring 2-Carat Coffee Mug

The 2-Carat Cup is a graceful porcelain cup that comes in an elegant oversize jewelry box, so that when you present it as a gift, it seems like an engagement ring! Definitely funny, for a minute. The coffee mug is outfitted with a golden or platinum ring-shaped handle, accented by a large, real and clear Swarovski crystal.
buy • $15
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