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Emoji Throw Pillows
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Herb Keeper Mill
Golf Club Balancing Wine Bottle Holder

Buy $60000 This Jet Powered RC Dragon Flies and Breathes Fire

Ever wanted to have your own dragon at your command? With the Flying Fire Breathing Dragon, now you can! Combining both durable and lightweight materials, this remote controlled jet-powered dragon has the ability to fly at up to 70 mph. Four clawed feet each house a 3-inch diameter rubber wheel for braking and steering while on the ground.

The dragon’s LED eyes can be commanded to glow red, its head swivels in the direction of turns, but the most attractive feature of this product is perhaps the fact that it can actually blast a flame of fire from its mouth that can extend up to 3 feet when on the ground!
buy • $60000

Buy $19.99 Emoji Throw Pillows

These are the same bright emojis you know and love! You can now send your favorite ones, whether it's a smile or the poop one, in huggable pillow form. They are made with super soft plush and filled with polyester fibers.
buy • $19.99

Buy $17.50 Undercover Secret Tablet Sleeve

Protect your tablet from scratches and prying eyes with the Undercover Tablet Sleeve. It is designed to look like an old yellow envelope, but is actually really well built. The outer layer is made of waterproof and tearproof Tyvek and the inside features a nice red satin lining with decent amount of padding.
buy • $17.50

$14.99 Crystal Clear Putty

Have fun with this clever putty, which looks virtually invisible when you first start playing with it, but clouds up as you bounce it, stretch it, or do whatever you like with it! Entertain your kids or just amuse yourself with this fun piece of putty. You can tear it up and leave it out and it will never dry up. Therefore it's perfect for big and little kids!
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Buy $59.99 The World's Smallest Doctor Who Flying TARDIS

A fan of Doctor Who? Even if you're not, the TARDIS is a must-have for the kid inside of you. At just 3'' tall, TARDIS is the perfect little device for either your home or your place of work, especially if you want to surprise (or annoy) some of your coworkers or friends. It contains a simple control scheme so that you'll be able to easily fly it vertically and horizontally in any direction that you please, all with surprisingly effective precision. Its R/C/ IR controller contains LED indicator lights, and it's able to be charged directly through the IR controller.
buy • $59.99

Buy $65 Stamp Yo Face – A Custom Stamp of Your Face

Stamp Yo Face lets your turn your face into a majestic custom stamp creation. Simply send your favorite picture and they'll hand draw and digitize it before turning it into an awesome rubber stamp worthy of your face.
buy • $65

Transform your iPhone into a Bacon Scent Alarm Clock

Wake up to the smell and sound of sizzling bacon with Oscar Mayer's new iPhone gadget. This tiny device attaches to the headphone jack transforming your iPhone into a bacon scent alarm clock that when goes off, sends a bacon fragrance while playing the sound of frying bacon. The only thing is that there's no bacon...
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Batarang – 2-Foot Batman Inspired Boomerang

Hand crafted by Victor Poulin, the Batarang is a real returning batman-inspired boomerang. The following video shows Victor testing out his newly crafted 2-foot version of the Batarang.
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Buy $199 Dash – The World's First Smart In-Ear Headphones

The future is gonna be rad. Meet the Dash, the world's first wireless smart earphones that'll take care of you and entertain you. The Dash sports a number of sensors that'll track your performance and measure your body vitals including your heart rate and oxygen saturation, an MP3 player with 4GB of internal storage so that you can carry your music without your phone, an ear bone microphone that lets you make crystal clear calls when paired to your phone via Bluetooth, and an audio transparency feature that allows you to enable or disable ambient sound to pass through. And to control the Dash, a simple tap or slide on the touch sensitive surface is needed.
buy • $199

Buy $50 Easily Make Glasses, Vases and Lamps Out Of Old Bottles

Turn empty bottles into glasses, vases or even lamps with the C&C Bottle Cutter. Made from durable laser cut plywood, C&C is designed to cut any diameter glass bottle in an easy, safe and precise way. With a single screw, it can be adjusted to cut very small diameter bottle necks, up to 3L jars.
buy • $50
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