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Buy $99 Nap Massaging Bed Rest

Enjoy soothing support and a relaxing massage in bed while you read, write, play games, watch TV or sleep upright. It has a built-in massager, cupholder, pockets for your glasses, magazines or books on its side and an LED light for late night reading. When folded, it lays flat; which makes it a cinch to place under the bed or in a closet. The Nap Massaging Bed Rest is designed to fit any bed and support all body shapes and sizes.

Available here.
buy • $99

Buy $79 The Smartphone Sofa That Will Charge, Play Music And Take Calls

Have you ever thought your phone could use a rest? No? Well this company invented the phone sofa anyways. They also tricked out the miniature couch so not only is it freakin' cute, but it will also charge your phone. The ottoman includes built in wireless Bluetooth speakers and a microphone so that you can play music and talk hands-free. So give it a rest.

Available HERE in black, blue and red.

buy • $79

Buy $15 Fill And Tie 100 Water Balloons In Less Than 60 Seconds

Destroy your enemies with abundant balloon ammo in any spontaneous water balloon fight with Bunch O Balloons. This odd looking contraption lets you fill 100 balloons in under a minute; just attach to a hose, fill and shake off. Easy for kids to use and hassle free, the Bunch O Balloons is just what you need to obliterate your competition.
buy • $15

Buy $550 And You Thought You Wouldn't Live To See Robots In Your Own Home

Jibo can see, hear and speak like you would expect a friendly robot to. Although it sees with two hi-res cameras that recognize and capture photos; hears with 360º microphones and understands and speaks with natural language processing. Jibo also has artificial intelligence algorithms that will learn your personal preferences to be better able to help you with day to day tasks. What could a miniature robot possibly help me with?, you might ask. Well, what about capturing pictures, taking messages, reading to your kids, ordering takeout... pretty much your average baby sitter.
buy • $550

Buy $17.71 Speed Chess You Don't Need A Timer For – Your Pieces Will Just Melt

Whether you like playing speed chess or not, with these silicone ice moulds, you're gonna have to. Perfect to test your game speed or to bring along on an upcoming arctic expeditions, these ice moulds are super cool. haha.

Or you could just host a chess party and serve the ice in some drinks. Whatever floats your boat chess piece.
buy • $17.71

Buy $39.99 Solving The Problem For Those Who Want To Play In The Dark; Here's The Fully Playable Rubik's Cube Lamp

For ages 8+ (we're guessing you're in the '+' range), this Rubik's cube ain't yo mama's Rubik's cube. It’s a fully playable, Rubik's cube lamp. Its rechargeable batteries will last up to 2 hours of continuous play, but it can be turned on an off to conserve energy or plugged in via USB. If your Rubik's Cube solving days are over, but you still love the contraption of doom even after all these years (for some reason), you can still keep it as a lamp and admire it from a distance.
buy • $39.99

Buy $76 Find Out Why This Is The Ultimate Speaker For Any College Student/Adventurer/Tree Hugger

Although it might resemble a rough first version of the iPad, the Eton Rugged Rukus is most definitely not. It is, in fact, a solar-powered USB charger. And a Bluetooth speaker. And it's all-terrain. And water-resistant. Over 8 hours of battery life and never ending if you're out in the sun (yes, it can charge your smartphone while it plays). You know what that means – the ultimate pool party sound system!

So yeah, you could say it's the perfect gift for the typical college student.
buy • $76

Buy $145 Globes Can Be Boring, But These Are Out Of This World

This take on the globe is powered by low-light solar cells and turns counter torque from the Earth's magnetic fields which is extra awesome. Although Jupiter's equatorial bulge and planetary rungs aren't included with the purchase of the 4 1/2" diameter orb, you probably still want it. So up your boss' lame globe and put this bae on your desk instead.
buy • $145

Buy $129 The Computer Your Kids Will Have Fun Building And Learn From Too

The team at Kano are driven and focused on one mission: for children to do more than just consume technology, but to create it as well. To accomplish this very specific goal, they've created a product that meets the "fun requirements" (they claim it's as fun as Lego) and the "educational requirements" (the kit comes complete with an instructional coding booklet). So let your kids, or yourself, learn something new about the world around them. Or at least what's inside their computer.
buy • $129

Buy $150 The Future Is Now; Tiny Robot Servers

Available in black or white, the Omnibot Hello! MiP is a two wheeled robot conceived to entertain. With a serving tray, the MiP acts as a tiny remote controlled server, and it can also play music and box! The MiP is controlled by your phone through bluetooth and can follow either hand gestures, remote controls or a traced path.

White version here.
Black version here.
buy • $150
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