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Buy $150+ Leatherman’s New 25-in-1 Tool, And It Fits On Your Wrist

This is the Tread. It’s Leatherman’s newest tool and guaranteed to be one of their top sellers in 2015. The Tread at first glance, is merely a bracelet, but when you examine it closer, it is 25 tools pieced together in links. The links are interchangeable, allowing you to customize your Tread. It’s available in Stainless Steel for an MSRP of $150.00 or in Black DLC for an MSRP of $200.00. In Fall of 2015, Leatherman also hopes to add a Swiss made watch link to the Tread.
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buy • $150+

Buy $199 The Solar Powered Fridge That Will Run All Day, Charge Your Phone And Collapse Into A Briefcase

For campers, soccer moms, hunters and medical transportation, this portable fridge-freezer and warmer is the bee's knees. It can be charged by a standard outlet, a car charger or by simply leaving it outside – it's solar-powered! The solar panels will charge all day, then it runs on battery all night. Its insulated metal walls are lightweight, weather resistant and can collapse flat like a briefcase. As if it couldn't get any cooler, the Anywhere Fridge also comes with charging ports to re-fuel your phone or laptop.
buy • $199

Buy $90 The Self-Inflating Backpack That Doubles As Pillow Or Pad

The Windcatcher Air Pakk is every University student's dream. The backpack easily transforms into a pillow or into a pad "SO comfy you'll probably forget to wake up". The backpack comes compete with a removable outer cover, a pocket strap, internal removable pockets, self-inflating adjustable padding and a lay flat zipper. The backpack can thus become a desk pillow, a work station, a travel pillow, a seat pad, and a sleeping pad.

We know instinctively that you are gonna love this thing when you have been sitting in your teeny-tiny desk chair in a 4 hour seminar. So make sure you support the cause and get your own Air Pakk at a discounted price.
buy • $90

Buy $280 The World's First Cooler That Doubles As An Air Conditioner

Beat the heat with IcyBreeze, the cooler that doubles as a portable air conditioner. It blows a constant breeze of cold air; up to 35 degrees below the outside temperature and at speeds of 25 MPH or less. The cooler is powered by a rechargeable battery system and can last for 7 hours before its next recharge. If you're in the market for a super-charged cooler (because who isn't), make sure to also check out the Coolest before buying anything.
buy • $280

Buy $91 Orca and Shark Shaped Sleeping Bags

Designed by Baby Bites, these Shark and Orca shaped sleeping bags are made to keep your baby warm. Made of 100% cotton, they are very soft and feature a zipper to make getting your baby in and out an easy process.

Shark available here and here.
Orca available here.
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buy • $91

Buy $29.99 Become The Robot Overlord With These Sound Effect Making Robot Slippers

Yes, you read right. These robot slippers will allow you to finally become the robot overlord you've always wanted to be. Crush away the non-believers with your noise making (VRRR-CLANK sound), rubber dot lined, über-cool slippers. Plush and warm, these "one-size fits most adult humans" slippers will be the saviour of man kind. Or the fall, depending if they fall into the wrong /hands/ feet.
buy • $29.99

Buy $48 The Massive Umbrella That Will Shelter You From Sun And Hectic Weather

The Sport-Brella Umbrella is a portable shelter from sun and hectic weather. It measures 8 feet wide when open and offers full cover protection, as the rugged umbrella structure includes side flaps that fold down to protect you from sideways rain and wind gusts. On sunny days, it'll protect you from the sun while keeping you cool as it offers top wind vents and side zippered windows for cross-ventilation. It also includes convenient carry bags, tether and ground stakes to secure it properly into the ground.

Available in blue, light blue and red HERE – and in XL (opens 9 feet wide) HERE.
buy • $48

Buy $661 The Most Glamorous Picnic Trolley In History

Don't let yourself be embarrassed by big, useless picnic baskets–or god forbid– a cooler (well, maybe not if it's the Coolest), and dine in style instead. This designer trolley will have all the socialites wishing they too, had the niftiest trolley out there.

Included in this high-end picnic trolley are 4 white porcelain plates and bowls, 4 wine and 2 tumbler glasses, 4 sets of cutlery, 4 linen serviettes, 3 stainless steel storage containers, a chopping/serving board, 1 stainless steel corkscrewed and of course, a stainless steel salt and pepper shaker.
buy • $661

Buy $11 Bye-Bye Bed Head

Morninghead is a cap made form a super-absorbent material that can hold up to six times its weight in water without dripping. Conceived for that dreaded bed head or hat hair, the Morninghead allows you to fix your hair without having to take another shower or create a mess.
buy • $11

Buy $185 The Cooler That Will Blast Your Old Cooler Into The Ice Age

Ryan Grepper's take on the cooler is quite possibly the coolest. It's also called "the Coolest", but that doesn't really have anything to do with how cool it is. With some type of superhuman knowledge, Grepper found a way to eliminate pretty much every obstacle in your way that would keep you form having a good time. A built in blender, for when you crave a margarita by the lake, a built in waterproof speaker to turn up the jams (it's bluetooth too), an 18 volt battery for the blender that can also be used to plug in any device, L.E.D. lights for when it gets dark and you need another beer, wheels and bungee cords to strap on your stuff and easily move it, storage space for knives and plates, split lid design to keep your ice on one side and your food on another if you want and, of course, for the big finale, a bottle opener. Boom.
buy • $185
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