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Wine Barrel Adirondack Chair with Wine...
Ironing Man – Step-By-Step Ironing...
Classic Cedar Log Rocking Chair
This Jet Powered RC Dragon Flies and...
Emoji Throw Pillows
Nice Underwear Doormat
Deluxe Lounge Style Sofa Bed
Shiny Silver Reflective Disco Hammock
Herb Keeper Mill
Golf Club Balancing Wine Bottle Holder

Buy $97.20 Shiny Silver Reflective Disco Hammock

This is unlike any hammock you have ever seen before. The Disco Hammock is shiny, glamorous and reflects light like a disco ball. It is based on ENO's DoubleNest Hammock with the added whimsical touch of Betabrand.
buy • $97.20

Buy $18 Cartoon-Inspired Bags

Make yourself look as though you've jumped straight from a comic book with these quirky cartoon-inspired handbags designed to look like 2D drawings. Confuse and stun all those who see you! Perfect as either a gift or a treat for yourself, this is not to be missed out on.
buy • $18

Buy $17 for 2 Self-Balancing Drink Holder For Umbrellas

We've all been there. It starts pouring outside, and you awkwardly fumble for your umbrella while trying to balance that steaming hot coffee in your hand. Not only does it lead to awkward and potentially painful spillage, but it also makes walking around a chore. Morella hopes to solve all of that by being able to attach seamlessly to any type of umbrella and its reliable ability to keep all of your beverages completely vertical. Its most useful feature is its patented balanced-pivot design, which means that you can bend, fold, or turn your umbrella upside down while your two cup holders always keep the drinks upright.
buy • $17 for 2

Buy $55 Bicycle Banana Holder

Now, this is some serious innovation. Handmade from genuine leather, the banana holder by Biken is the safest and most versatile way to carry and easily access a banana. Hang it on the bike frame or your waist belt, and always have a banana ready.
buy • $55

Buy $21.40 Sorry, I can't go out tonight. I have a date with Netflix. T-Shirt

The perfect shirt for when you feel like staying in and watching movies. Available for men and women ($17).
buy • $21.40

Buy $109 The Newton Watch by Nixon

The Nixon Newton Watch is a stylish and unique timepiece, perfect for those who appreciate minimalist aesthetics. Its original design features two simple dots that indicate the hours and minutes and a cool blue back light for night. Very classy and artsy, and definitely eye-catching!
buy • $109

Buy $30 / 4-pack Light Up Golf Balls for Night-Time Playing

Practice your golf game all day and all night with these LED light up golf balls. They light up for 8 minutes upon impact and have an internal battery that will last 40 hours, which translates to a minimum of 300 hits per ball.
source •
buy • $30 / 4-pack

Buy $199 Dash – The World's First Smart In-Ear Headphones

The future is gonna be rad. Meet the Dash, the world's first wireless smart earphones that'll take care of you and entertain you. The Dash sports a number of sensors that'll track your performance and measure your body vitals including your heart rate and oxygen saturation, an MP3 player with 4GB of internal storage so that you can carry your music without your phone, an ear bone microphone that lets you make crystal clear calls when paired to your phone via Bluetooth, and an audio transparency feature that allows you to enable or disable ambient sound to pass through. And to control the Dash, a simple tap or slide on the touch sensitive surface is needed.
buy • $199

Buy $19.90 I'm Not Kitten T-Shirt

This is the perfect shirt for the days you're all serious face. The "I'm Not Kitten" shirt will let people know when it's no joke. Available in a selection of colors for both men ($19.90+) and women ($15.50+).
buy • $19.90

Buy $18.90 If I Had A Dollar For Every Time I Got Distracted T-Shirt

A funny shirt for those who are easily distracted! It has "If I had a dollar for every time I got distracted, I wish I had some ice cream" written on it and is available in a variety of colors for both men ($18.90 ) and women ($14.90).
buy • $18.90
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