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An Under-Desk Foot Hammock
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Bye-Bye Bed Head
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The Cooler That Will Blast Your Old Cooler Into The Ice Age
A Bookshelf That Lets You Count Your Books Without Having To Actually Count Them
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Buy $11 Bye-Bye Bed Head

Morninghead is a cap made form a super-absorbent material that can hold up to six times its weight in water without dripping. Conceived for that dreaded bed head or hat hair, the Morninghead allows you to fix your hair without having to take another shower or create a mess.
buy • $11

Buy $185 The Cooler That Will Blast Your Old Cooler Into The Ice Age

Ryan Grepper's take on the cooler is quite possibly the coolest. It's also called "the Coolest", but that doesn't really have anything to do with how cool it is. With some type of superhuman knowledge, Grepper found a way to eliminate pretty much every obstacle in your way that would keep you form having a good time. A built in blender, for when you crave a margarita by the lake, a built in waterproof speaker to turn up the jams (it's bluetooth too), an 18 volt battery for the blender that can also be used to plug in any device, L.E.D. lights for when it gets dark and you need another beer, wheels and bungee cords to strap on your stuff and easily move it, storage space for knives and plates, split lid design to keep your ice on one side and your food on another if you want and, of course, for the big finale, a bottle opener. Boom.
buy • $185

Buy $315 The Human Hamster Wheel Just Got Real

The giant, inflatable hamster wheel has arrived.

Taking floaties to the next level, the Aqua Treadmill is a great way to feel like a swimming hamster. The steerable design is made to go up to 10mph and fit a maximum of three people. Just climb in the center, walk forward, then push with your hands to move on the water. The best part is, it doubles as a shaded floating island for when you need to take a break from running.
buy • $315

21 Things You'll Need To Host The Best Pool Party In Your Neighborhood. #9 Will Be The Best $50 You'll Ever Spend.

Pool parties are fun, but hosting the best one on your block is better. This list is dedicated to ensuring your pool party out pool parties the other pool parties. If you know what we mean.

Buy $26.74 The Travel Scratch-And-Go

The scratch globe is a great way to show off your travels in a somewhat modest way. Similar to a scratch card, the surface of the countries on this globe can be scratched with a coin to reveal the details and colours underneath.
buy • $26.74

6 Things That Will Forever Change The Way You Go Camping. #4 Is Genius.

1. The 2 Seconds Pop Up Tent

You can't go camping without a tent, so to start off our list we've got the DECATHLON 2 Seconds Pop Up Tent. It's incredibly quick to put together (if it's name didn't already give it away, it only takes 2 seconds to put together) and to take down as well. It comfortably fits two and at a comfortable price for your wallet too.

Buy $299 The Million Dollar Idea You Can Go Camping With

This creative camping gadget is the BioLite BaseCamp; a complete off-grid cooking and energy solution that runs on wood. Through Kickstarter, this great idea managed to fund almost $1,000,000 to start production of their product within a month! With nothing more than a few fallen branches or small pieces of firewood, the BioLite BaseCamp allows you to cook camp-fire meals and charge your devices all at the same time without the nuisance of smoke.
buy • $299

Buy $5.26 Black Bar Censorship Shades

Going to a party and worried about paparazzis taking embarrassing photos of you? Censor yourself with these Paparazzi Sunglasses! Shaped like a black censor bar, these shades will make sure you don't get recognized by your boss. A cool novelty gift!

Available at Urban Outfitters here

The style shown below is available on Amazon - $5.26
source •
buy • $5.26

Buy $29.99 Shark Fin Doggie Swim Vest

Here's a fun and functional swim vest that'll let your dog swim in style. Designed specifically for canines, the shark swim vest features a cute dorsal fin and a handle on the back allowing for quick control of your pup. It'll definitely make your dog the center of attention!
buy • $29.99

Buy $35.15 The Surreal Salvador Dali Watch

Here's a superb wristwatch featuring the surrealist master and his 'tache! The artist's mustache becomes the minute and hour hands of this surreal watch, while one of Dali's ubiquitous ants circles the face every minute!
buy • $35.15
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