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The Couch That Doubles As A Punching Bag
The HB Pencil Lamp
The Wireless Typewriter Keyboard
You'll Go Bananas For This Banana...
The Hotel Artists Makeover Every Year
17 Dorm Room Hacks To Solve Your...
The Breathtakingly Beautiful Resort...
The Landscape Tea Tray
The Doorbell That Rocks
17 Marvelous Gadgets To Host The Best BBQ Ever. #9 Is Drool-Worthy!

Buy $TBA The Couch That Doubles As A Punching Bag

Designed for all of those with intense anger management problems– just kidding– the Champ Boxing Couch is mainly made for exercise purposes, though tension release is an obvious option too.

Developed by German designer Tobias Fränzel, each of these Rocky-approved couches is made exclusively in single piece production and can be ordered here. Just picture yourself doing one of those "As Seen On TV" boxing tapes while blasting Eye Of The Tiger... Worth it.
buy • $TBA

Buy $TBA The HB Pencil Lamp

With back to school just around the corner, the HB Lamp sure is a bright idea. The cord (attached of the led part of the pencil) can be town around carelessly to mimic a sketch line. We're sure any kids, teachers or artists will love this!
buy • $TBA

17 Dorm Room Hacks To Solve Your #dormprobs. You'll Want #2– Whether You Live In A Dorm Or Not.

As much as you want to enjoy the sun and the careless summer air– school is starting a whole lot sooner than you are convincing yourself it is. So stop procrastinating because we have pretty much done all the work for you. Here below is a very complete list of all the things you'll need for your dorm room (and also just a bunch of things you'll want).

Buy $1700 The Landscape Tea Tray

'Confluence' is a Birch plywood tea tray that can serve up to 6 people. The Polyurethane coated multi-layers wood creates a beautiful landscape-like form. A lake-esque reservoir is formed in the middle and as excess tea gathers, it fills up like a lake as well.

If you like the idea, check out the equally cool Abyss table.
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buy • $1700

Buy $139.95 The Doorbell That Rocks

Believe it or not, this fully playable 1/2-size acoustic six-string is in fact, a doorbell. Thanks to a guitar mount and a plectrum fixed to a door, it's rigged so that one chord of your choice is played when the door is opened or closed. For busy guitar-fiends, it means you get to play a guitar every day; even if you don't have the time to play.
buy • $139.95

17 Marvelous Gadgets To Host The Best BBQ Ever. #9 Is Drool-Worthy!

Whether summer's BBQ obligations are your favourite time of the year or your worst nightmare, why not be the one that throws the best BBQ on your street for a change? That way, you'll get to show off your great host/hostess skills and if you really blow it out of the water– no one will bother competing. It's a win/win.

Here below you'll find a pretty complete list of all the great stuff you'll need to make that happen.

Buy $1615 The Modular Sofa That Transforms Into A Complete Living Room Set

For all the single bachelors and bachelorettes who live in teensy apartments– this one is for you. The Sofista is a puzzle-esque, 4-in-1 sofa, armchair, chaise longue and single bed. The stackable design allows anyone to quickly slide the furniture out of its original sofa position and into an entire living room set. As you probably guessed, the Sofista is especially convenient when bombarded by unannounced guests. If you're a one stop shopper, you might also like this baby trapping device.
buy • $1615

13 Seating Ideas For Every Personality. #11 Looks Way Too Comfy!

Chairs, benches, seats. They all have one thing in common. They're usually boring. So the team at Drool'd has put together for you a list of awesome bum-supporters that is anything but boring. They are all unique, a little weird, but mostly lots of fun.

#1 - Bottle Cap Bar Stools
For your man's man, the true, bear wrestling, chest hair combing, camouflage wearing dude. (or the girl who likes beer)
Details here

Buy $TBA Dream Of Flying Away In This Bed Made From The Engine Of A Boeing 747

MotoArt is a furniture company that specializes in supplying you with all of your aircraft inspired furniture needs (Is that a thing? I'm not really sure). Anyhoos, this bed is made from a split General Electric engine nacelle that serves as a round foot and headboard for your king or California king sized mattress. It comes with built-in, programable LED light units for a certain ambiance (landing strip?) to your bedroom.

And if you're really into unusual aircraft inspired furniture, you need to check out the Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet Conference Table.
buy • $TBA

Buy $99 Nap Massaging Bed Rest

Enjoy soothing support and a relaxing massage in bed while you read, write, play games, watch TV or sleep upright. It has a built-in massager, cupholder, pockets for your glasses, magazines or books on its side and an LED light for late night reading. When folded, it lays flat; which makes it a cinch to place under the bed or in a closet. The Nap Massaging Bed Rest is designed to fit any bed and support all body shapes and sizes.

Available here.
buy • $99
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