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Cthulhu Lamp Sculpture

Inspired by the work of American writer H. P. Lovecraft., here's an amazing tribute to Cthulhu by Karl Dupéré-Richer. At first sight, the seamless design of the Cthulhu Wall Lamp may seem to have been made ​​from only a few different elements when in reality, the most random recycled materials were put together to form this masterpiece. 14 legs and 1 backrest of PVC patio chairs, a flowerpot, an umbrella stand, bicycle tires, cans, pieces of PVC pipes, an acrylic light globe, pieces of garden hoses, and auto body parts are some of the items used in making the Cthulhu Wall Lamp.
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Buy $899 Crystal Pirate Ship Chandelier

Arghhh me hearties! Light up your room with a stunning chandelier that even the greediest pirate would be jealous of. Be the envy of all your family and friends as you unveil this gorgeous piece of art, decked out with crystal glass in the shape of a ship. Your lounge, kitchen, bedroom or wherever you choose to put this stunning chandelier will be looking 'ship shape' and fit for Captain Jack Sparrow himself. Perfect as a gift or a treat for yourself - this is not to be missed out on. Shiver me timbers!
buy • $899

Buy $1680 This Lamp Will Blow Your Mind

Lamps, as anyone who cares about the ambience of their living area certainly knows, are about much more than just serving a practical function. The Megaton Floor Lamp not only does everything that a lamp should so, but is also a true piece of history that can be physically felt right in your living room. Its minimalist stand is complimented by an actual 100-lb bomb that's straight from the Korean War. Don't worry though; the bomb has been completely disabled! Possessing a metallic finish and simplistic, yet functional, design gives it a vintage-like and historical appeal that will hold weight with not just history buffs.
buy • $1680

Buy $1161 SLAP IT – The Interactive Butt Lamp by Joseph Begley

Combining the stress relieving satisfaction of slapping a bottom and the practical functionality of a lamp, SLAP IT is guaranteed to make any day more joyful. Simply pinch, squeeze or slap the irresistible cheeky bum for instant gratification.
buy • $1161

Buy $15 Turn An Empty Bottle Into A Beautiful Lamp With This LED Cork

Turn empty bottles into lamps with the Bottle Light from Suck UK. Shaped like a cork with a built-in LED, the Bottle Light is turned on by a simple twist and is recharged via the USB connector that is hidden under the cap. A great way to add mood light and ambiance to any setting!
buy • $15

Buy $149.99 The Levitating Table Lamp

You can now have the wonders of science at your desk. The Levitron levitating table lamp is no trickery or illusions. The only thing between the floating lampshade and the base is air. Using the simple physical principles of magnetism, the levitating table lamp hovers more than 3 inches above the base and spins in a fascinating, counter-gravitational manner. A soft white lighting is provided in two separate settings – 6 LEDs that shine up at the levitating shade or 3 LEDs that light up the base. An awesome addition to any desk that will amaze all who sees it!
buy • $149.99

Buy $59+ Hand Grenade Oil Lamps

Made from actual US Army surplus, these hand grenade oil lamps are certainly a new approach to mood lighting. Each gets its distinct shape from the job it was designed for – fragmentation, smoke/flash, or high impact explosives – and comes glided in gold, silver or left natural.
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buy • $59+

Buy $1095+ The Guns Lamp Collection

Designed by Philippe Starck, the GUNS collection is composed of the bedside lamp ($1095), the lounge floor lamp ($3295), and the table lamp ($2245), all with bodies made of die cast aluminum with an overmolded polymer coating and the shade made of plasticized paper. Each lamp is available in either chrome finish with white shade and silver silkscreen on the inside or in shiny 18K gold finish with shade in matte black and gold silkscreen on the inside.
buy • $1095+

Buy $29.99 Dancing Jellyfish Mood Lamp

Set the mood with dancing desktop jellies. This desktop lamp holds three artificial jellyfish which swim around the tank in a lifelike manner thanks to a gentle current. In the top of the tank are 6 bright LEDs which can be set to your favorite color or cycle through the rainbow spectrum for an added soothing effect.
buy • $29.99

Buy $18000 Stained Glass Octopus Chandelier

Made by Mason's Creations, this Stained Glass Octopus Chandelier measures approximately 4′ across and features detachable light-up tentacles that can be lit with the body or separately on their own.
buy • $18000
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