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Buy $79.95 Floating Horizontal Shoe Rack

Here's a minimalist shoe holder that conveniently attaches to the wall, saving you space while keeping your floors clean. It is made of brushed stainless steel and comes in two sizes: 28 inches - $79.95 and 48 inches - $99.95, capable of holding 4 or 7 pairs of shoes respectively. A great design to complement any modern space.
buy • $79.95

The Cuddle Mattress Lets You Snuggle Without Going Numb

We all like a little cuddling but falling asleep doing so is pretty much impossible. Your arm gets numb and it can quickly become uncomfortable – but there might be an upcoming solution.

Designed by Mehdi Mojtabavi, the Cuddle Mattress is a normal mattress that has been sliced into small flexible slats giving you the ability to put your arm or shoulder inside the mattress. This relieves your body of pressure and improves your blood circulation allowing you to sleep more soundly. It is also an amazing solution for side sleepers as it'll keep your spine straight.
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Buy $250 Dino Lamp

Designed by Deger Cengiz, the Dino Lamp is a flexible desk lamp shaped to look like a dinosaur with its neck that can be positioned as necessary. It is made with felt and features a container to hold all of your desk gadgets or to be used as a planter.
buy • $250

Buy $227.99 Sprinkle – Color Changing LED Waterfall Faucet

A waterfall in the bathroom is cool but colored waterfall is cooler. Be amazed by modern plumbing and watch water pour out of the wall under your control. Sprinkle by LightInTheBox fixtures are capable of transforming a room from ordinary to, well, you know.
buy • $227.99

Buy $430 Indonesian Gourd Table Lamp

Here is an elegant table lamp that will add some creativity to any home decor. The lamp itself is made of an Indonesian gourd while the base is hand carved from a solid block of alder wood. Painted with wood oil in a rosewood color, the lamp is adorned with 5 circles and celtic circle knots. It takes about one month to create one lamp, and each is unique because of the natural shape of the fruit and because of the pattern – never reproduced twice.
buy • $430

Buy $630 Piano Table Lamp by QisDesign

This LED lighting fixture allows you to play with light as if you were playing the piano. The clean and crisp design of the piano-like keys allows users to interact by sliding their fingers across the keyboard, and independently light each key. Creating an experience of illuminating imagination, it provides useful light for reading, writing or mood-setting harmony. You will want to play it again and again!
buy • $630

The Bloc'd Sofa – A Modular Seating For Different Settings

Perfect for any home or decor, the Bloc’d Sofa is a modular seating solution that can be turned into many different seating combinations. Designed to encourage interaction, it is easy to use and comfortable making it the go-to choice for all of your guests. You can dress it up or down and go from casual to upscale in no time. The Bloc’d Sofa is made of steel, soft maple and has durable upholstered foam.
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Buy $100 SUPERNOVA - The Huggable Inflatable LED Light

How satisfying would it be to snuggle up with a giant inflatable light? Created by Scale 1:1, SUPERNOVA is a huggable, inflatable, LED lamp, complete with colorful programmable lighting sequences. It is powered by state of the art LED technology that ensures it is always cool and ready to be hugged. Its brightness, along with the selection of 7 colors, can be easily changed by remote. The SUPERNOVA can stand (on available base), lean, hang or lay anywhere you want.
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buy • $100

Buy $350 White Marble Duvet Set

Marble is used in only the finest places. Capture the essence of the prized mineral in this luxurious duvet set by Safe House. Incredibly soft, the set comes with two standard-size pillowcases and a woven, easy-to-care-for duvet. The comforter fits into the duvet with snap enclosures at the bottom. Machine washable and stain resistant, this bedroom masterpiece will have you wrapped in soft elegance of classic beauty.
buy • $350

Buy $19216 Banana Pool Table

This limited edition pool table is not only a centerpiece that will add the wow factor to any games room, but also a new dimension in pool playing. Using only the very finest materials, the Banana Pool Table is handmade, signed and numbered by British artist Cleon Daniel.

Hardwoods, solid brass, and leather combine the inspired design to delight, divert and dazzle everyone who takes up a cue to play this mind bending version of the traditional game. Use either your own pool balls or the included 1 white, 1 yellow and 10 brown balls to create your very own game. Storage for balls is provided in the stem of the banana.
buy • $19216
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