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The Hotel Artists Makeover Every Year

The Hotel Artists Makeover Every Year

So you've traveled the world and every hotel room you stay in looks suspiciously like the last: same grimy carpet, same cheap furniture, and undoubtably, the exact same 'painting' as the last. Instead of reliving a Groundhog Day-esque hotel nightmare, why don't you try staying in a work of art? At the french Maison d'Hôtes, Au Vieux Panier, the concept is exactly that.

Thanks to a team of ever-changing artists, architects and designers that are hired every year to do what they want with a blank hotel room, each room of the antique hotel is unique, fresh and never bland. If you're planning to visit Marseille anytime soon, check out the temporary rooms you could stay in!
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The Breathtakingly Beautiful Resort That Sits On A Volcano

If your idea of romance is sipping cocktails and enjoying a breathtaking view while lounging around your private pool on a volcano, then Saint Lucia's Ladera resort is perfect for you. With 32 pools for each individual room, one of which was used for the "Superman II" filming, Ladera is a prime example of how "honesty privacy is the best policy". Located in an ancient cocoa plantation only 40 minutes from Hewanorra International Airport, the resort overlooks the gorgeous Piton Mountains and the Caribbean Sea while sitting on a forested ridge at 1,100 feet.
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A 24th Story Glass-Bottom Swimming Pool

If you happen to travel to Shanghai, you might want to book a night at the Holiday Inn and experience a swim in their 24th story glass-bottom swimming pool. The swimming pool extends out from the hotel, with the deep end floating over the air and nothing but water, and hopefully a very thick glass, between you and the ground.
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Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel & Spa – Paradise Found In Italy

Located southeast of Rome, Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel & Spa is a 17th century monastery converted into a luxurious hotel with only 20 rooms and suites. With so few guests the hotel can accommodate at the same time, you are sure to experience a relaxed and energizing stay.

The spa is absolutely heavenly. You'll be stunned by the semi-tropical gardens, the infinity pool blending into the sea, and the sunset terrace overlooking the Amalfi Coast – "a dream place that isn’t quite real when you are there but becomes beckoningly real after you are gone" – John Steinbeck, 1953.
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Buy $150 The Cage of Death - A Crocodile Dive Experience

Located in the heart of Darwin City, Australia, is one of the main attractions at Crocosaurus Cove, the Cage of Death. While it might sound like a frightful place to avoid, it is actually an experience you don't want to miss. You'll get to dive in a cylindrical cage and get face to face with 5m + crocodiles and other massive reptiles.

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Lava Tube Caves In Tulelake, California

Crafted by nature over the years as volcanoes erupted and lava flowed through the park, the Lava Tube Caves are one of the main attractions at the Lava Beds National Monument in Tulelake, California. In total, there are over 22 developed caves and over 700 discovered caves.

From nice high ceilings and smooth floors to lower sections that require duck-walking or crawling, the Lava Tube Caves will delight any kind of adventurer.
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An Inflatable Trampoline Bridge In Paris

So this is not your usual bridge. Installed near Bir-Hakeim, a bridge that crosses the Seine River in Paris, this surreal bridge consists of giant inflatable rings, 30 meters in diameter, with a trampoline mesh stretched inside. AZC, the team behind this project, wanted to create a newer and more playful way than the traditional bridges in Paris to get across, and they surely did! Release yourself from gravity and bounce your way above the river!

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Eat, Sleep & Party Undersea

Eating underwater is one of the exotic features you will find at the Conrad Maldives Resort on the Rangali Island. The Ithaa Undersea Restaurant is 16 feet below the sea level and offers a spectacular panoramic view of reef and marine life as an all-glass barrier is the only thing separating you from the water. You'll be marvelled as you'll find yourself dining with colorful fishes and sharks!

This unique room can then be transformed to accommodate a wedding ceremony or into a private bedroom suite under special occasions.

And when the fiesta is over, you'll have to go back up to reality…
which is just as heavenly!

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Cocoa Island To Make You Go Loco

So if you're planning your next intimate trip and looking for something out of the ordinary, you'll fall in love with the Cocoa Island. Featuring 33 overwater suites that gets you right into the turquoise lagoon the second you step out of your luxurious room, an endless panoramic view, powder white sand and fine cuisine, this paradise on Earth has been recognized as one of the Maldives’ top luxury resorts.
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Nutella Fans Will Fall In Love

Yes it does exist. In Frankfurt, Germany. That's where you'll be able to feed your Nutella obsession. Nutelleria are shops where you'll find nothing else than Nutella treats: crêpe, pizza, ice cream, baguette, cornflakes and more!
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