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Buy $5850 The Hoverboard. It's a REAL Thing Now!

The future of water sports is now! If you’ve got 5k to drop anytime soon, consider making yourself the coolest person at the beach with this Hoverboard by Zapata Racing. Powered by a personal watercraft (fancy word for Seadoo), the Hoverboard will let you take surfing to the extreme.
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buy • $5850

Buy $17000 The Skier Controlled Tow Boat

Water skiers and wakeboarders rejoice! Here's the water skiing boat that you control as you ride! With slight thumb movements, you'll be able to accelerate, slow down, turn or stop using the six-button control panel on the tow rope handle. The nearly 8'-long boat can speed up to 40 MPH and create wakes for jumps! It automatically stops when the skier lets go of the handle. Includes a 40'-long tow rope.
buy • $17000

16 Water Toys To Make The Most Out Of Your Summer. #9 Is To Drool For!

With summer approaching, we thought we'd share a refreshing list of water games to keep you and your family outside longer. From inflatables to water blasters, here's a list of well reviewed products for your pool, cottage or backyard.

Buy $199.95 Insanity Wolf Motorcycle Helmet

DOT certified and custom made in the USA, these motorcycle helmets are totally creepy, yet somehow awesome. Available in two versions, Insanity Werewolf or the even more terrifying Insanity Wolf: Seeing Red Edition, these helmets will either make you the envy of others or get people thinking you're crazy. In any case, they're certified badass!
buy • $199.95

Buy $1299 Onewheel – The Self-Balancing Electric Skateboard

Designed with hoverboards in mind, the Onewheel is an innovative self-balancing electric skateboard that'll give you the feeling of flying. It is smartly designed with no gears, belts or chains to maintain – absolutely no moving parts, except for the one wheel! Riding the Onewheel is easy and can be done on any flat surface. Lean towards your front foot to go faster and your back foot to slow down or even reverse. And unlike skateboarding where you feel every little crack on the street, Onewheel feels a lot more like surfing thanks to its large tire that allows you to carve the pavement as if it was water.
buy • $1299

Buy $25000 Track N Go – Wheel Driven Track System

This is the first wheel driven track system. Designed to mount on most 4 x 4 vehicles, the Track N Go system installs in less than 15 minutes while keeping the tires on and without any modifications to the vehicle. Being mounted directly on the tire, the rides feels a lot smoother and less effort from the power steering is required compared to conventional track systems with fixed installation.
buy • $25000

Buy $69.95 James Bond Remote Controlled Stunt Car

This is the ultimate remote controlled car. Modelled after the Aston Martin DBS V12 from the famous James Bond movie series (Quantum of Solace), this stunt car can reproduce the same maneuvers executed by agent 007. It features a small wheel that extends from the right undercarriage, allowing you to lift the right front and rear wheels off the ground and avoid obstacles when being pursued. Other notable functionalities are the rear wheelies and the classic "James Bond" theme that can be played.
buy • $69.95

Buy $9.99 Star Wars Characters Car Decals

Show off your family's love of Star Wars with this huge collection of Star Wars character decals officially licensed by Lucasfilm and designed by ThinkGeek. The original set includes 50 decals, featuring 19 distinct characters from the saga including Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, C3PO, Obi Wan Kenobi, Padmé Amidala, Slave Leia, Boba Fett, Chewbacca, Stormtrooper, Yoda, Jawa, Ewok, R2-D2, Little Stormtrooper, Little Princess Leia, and Little Luke Skywalker.
buy • $9.99

Buy $159.95 Cardiff Skates Let You Roller Skate With Your Shoes

Here's a modern way to skate. With your favorite pair of shoes, the Cardiff Skates can be worn and instantly adjusted to fit most sizes. They are easy to put on and the one-size-fits-all technology is ideal for growing kids or for sharing them without the fear of someone else's feet sweating in your skates. The Cardiff Skates feature a unique wheel configuration providing more stability and allowing for easy braking.
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buy • $159.95

Buy $17500 Batman Tumbler Golf Cart

If you're a golf fanatic and a die-hard Batman fan, the Batman Tumbler Golf Cart is one vehicle you'll definitely add to your bucket list. What started out as an EZ-Go Golf-Cart was stripped down to its frame and built up, with over $30,000 worth of parts, to become the one of a kind golf cart guaranteed to turn heads!
buy • $17500
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