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Gift Guide
Searching for a unique gift? No matter what the occasion may be, our Unusual Gift Guide is full of unique gift ideas to make gift giving memorable and easy. Whether you need unusual gifts for men, unique gifts for women, or cool gifts for kids, here you'll find great gift ideas for the person who has everything! Get inspired by our wonderfully quirky collection and never give a boring gift again!

Unusual and Unique Gifts for Men, Women, and Kids

The Dancing Water Sprinkler
Fill And Tie 100 Water Balloons In Less Than 60 Seconds
The Über Giant Mega Hammock
And You Thought You Wouldn't Live To See Robots In Your Own Home
The Fold Away Bar For Your Secret Stash
An Under-Desk Foot Hammock
Speed Chess You Don't Need A Timer For – Your Pieces Will Just Melt
Solving The Problem For Those Who Want To Play In The Dark; Here's The Fully Playable Rubik's Cube Lamp
Bye-Bye Bed Head
Find Out Why This Is The Ultimate Speaker For Any College Student/Adventurer/Tree Hugger
The Cooler That Will Blast Your Old Cooler Into The Ice Age
A Bookshelf That Lets You Count Your Books Without Having To Actually Count Them
Globes Can Be Boring, But These Are Out Of This World
We See Cat Cookies In Your Future
Lose Your Thoughts Into The Abyss... Coffee Table
The Computer Your Kids Will Have Fun Building And Learn From Too
The Future Is Now; Tiny Robot Servers
The Human Hamster Wheel Just Got Real
3 In 1 High Chair, Rocking Horse And Writing Desk For The One Stop Shopper
The Equil Smartpen Is Quite Possibly The Coolest Way To Take Your Notes
The Travel Scratch-And-Go
Now You Don't Have To Choose Between Laying In The Grass Or In A Hammock
Who Lit The Dogs Up
The Most Expensive BBQ You'll Ever Consider Buying
Use The Force – or just one of your knives from this Star Wars™ X-Wing™ Knife Block
The Hoverboard. It's a REAL Thing Now!
Spending $50 On A Coffee Mug Never Seemed So Reasonable
Started From The Bottom, Now Your Beer Is Cold!
Let Your Ideas Wander As Your Slinky Does With The Never Ending Slinky Machine
Shell Stool by Jake Phipps
Deluxe Watermelon Tap Kit
The Million Dollar Idea You Can Go Camping With
A Couch That Won’t Swallow Your Stuff – It’ll Store It
Calories Don't Count On This Spoon
Roman Inspired Fire Pit
LED Patio Side Table with Built-In Speaker
Hand-blown Magnetic Sand Hourglass
Rainbow Light Projector
Zombie Foot Dog Toy
Black Bar Censorship Shades
Into Focus Camera Lens Mug
Snorlax Inspired Monster Bed
Shark Fin Doggie Swim Vest
Vintage Inspired Bluetooth Speaker
The Surreal Salvador Dali Watch
Artificial Grass Table Runner
Fortune Cakes Cupcake Molds
Pizza Platter and Slice Plates
Flexible Cobra Mist Stand
18 Person Inflatable Aquapark
Stainless Steel Meat Claws
Inflatable Floating Tiki Swim Up Bar
The Backpack Chair with Side Table and Cooler
The Tree Shadow Chair
Heat-Sensitive Day and Night Coffee Mug
Dine Ink Pen Cap Cutlery
Drink Life Savers
The Skier Controlled Tow Boat
$34 - Set of 2
Personal Hand-Held Misting Fan
Aquapod Bottle Launcher
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