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Gift Guide
Searching for a unique gift? No matter what the occasion may be, our Unusual Gift Guide is full of unique gift ideas to make gift giving memorable and easy. Whether you need unusual gifts for men, unique gifts for women, or cool gifts for kids, here you'll find great gift ideas for the person who has everything! Get inspired by our wonderfully quirky collection and never give a boring gift again!

Unusual and Unique Gifts for Men, Women, and Kids

Save Your Cookbooks With The Apron Cooking Guide
These Floppy Disk Sticky Notes Are A Throwback To The 90s
The PancakeBot Will PRINT Your Pancakes For Breakfast, In Any Shape You Can Draw
Turn Your Bathtub Into A Disco With This Genius Bath Time Invention
Brand Your Bread With The Selfie Toaster
Perfect Companion Piece Of Furniture For The Avid Reader
This Brazilian BBQ With Self-Rotating Skewers Will Have You Drooling
This Neat Kitchen Tool Will Make Your Toast Come To Life
This Bedding Set Will Make Your Mouth Water
Leatherman’s New 25-in-1 Tool, And It Fits On Your Wrist
This Wooden Side Table Transforms Into A Cardio Machine
Make A Sassy Statement With These Cute Solar-Powered Critter Lights
Motion-Activated Under The Bed Light
A Fridge With A Keurig Coffee Machine Built Right Into the Door
Genuine Water Blasting Fire Rescue Arcade Game
The Somabar Is Like A Keurig But For Alcohol
Look Ma, No Hands!
This Gadget Turns Your iPad Into A Foosball Table
Orbit Planet Clock
9 Galaxy Bedding Sets To Let You Sleep Amongst The Stars
Wall-Mounted Cat Drinking Fountain
A Desk Toy That Can Levitate Minuscule Objects With Sound
The Collapsible Hot Tub You Can Bring On Your Camping Trip
The Soft Pretzel Factory
The Chemical-Free Fire Log That Can Be Lit With One Match
The Solar Powered Fridge That Will Run All Day, Charge Your Phone And Collapse Into A Briefcase
The Underground Beach Vault To Safeguard Your Valuables
The Classy Mini Refrigerator End Table
The Butter Knife To Spread Cold Butter
The Cutest Cardboard Playhouses, Because Everyone Knows Cats Like Boxes Better Than Toys
The Wireless Typewriter Keyboard
The Landscape Tea Tray
The Doorbell That Rocks
The Self-Inflating Backpack That Doubles As Pillow Or Pad
The Modular Sofa That Transforms Into A Complete Living Room Set
The World's First Cooler That Doubles As An Air Conditioner
The Shove A Dessert Fork And Spoon Set
Orca and Shark Shaped Sleeping Bags
Become The Robot Overlord With These Sound Effect Making Robot Slippers
Nap Massaging Bed Rest
The Smartphone Sofa That Will Charge, Play Music And Take Calls
The Massive Umbrella That Will Shelter You From Sun And Hectic Weather
The Most Glamorous Picnic Trolley In History
Just Mix, Pour And Shake And You'll Have Made Your Own Ice Cream
The Instant, Personal Slush Maker
The Lochness Salt, Pepper and Oil Shaker
Planetary Plate Set, And Once Again, Pluto Is Left Behind
The Dancing Water Sprinkler
Fill And Tie 100 Water Balloons In Less Than 60 Seconds
The Über Giant Mega Hammock
And You Thought You Wouldn't Live To See Robots In Your Own Home
The Fold Away Bar For Your Secret Stash
An Under-Desk Foot Hammock
Speed Chess You Don't Need A Timer For – Your Pieces Will Just Melt
Solving The Problem For Those Who Want To Play In The Dark; Here's The Fully Playable Rubik's Cube Lamp
Bye-Bye Bed Head
Find Out Why This Is The Ultimate Speaker For Any College Student/Adventurer/Tree Hugger
The Cooler That Will Blast Your Old Cooler Into The Ice Age
A Bookshelf That Lets You Count Your Books Without Having To Actually Count Them
Globes Can Be Boring, But These Are Out Of This World
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